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Specialist in dental sealant
Sigilio, also known as the Enamel Protector, is one of the most important members of the team. In the Cavity War, a mythical battle fought by our superheroes, Sigilio is tasked with ensuring that the children’s tooth enamel won’t suffer any damage, by wrapping the teeth in a protective gel.
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Why should you ask for Sigilio’s help?

Made on temporary teeth, dental sealants:

  • Support the health of temporary teeth
  • Prevent tooth decay and other problems concerning the eruption of permanent teeth

Made on permanent teeth, dental sealants:

  • Prevent tooth decay and problems which can affect the future adult
  • Help maintain the dental surfaces intact and strong
  • Over time, dental sealants can help with saving money, and the discomfort associated with dental procedures is greatly diminished.
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Dental sealants

Dental sealing is a modern preventive treatment, used against cavities, which can be performed on both temporary and permanent teeth and which reduces the risk of caries by up to 80%.
Dental sealants

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