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Our expert in the treatment of tooth decay
If Iron Man would fight cavities, his name would definitely be Obturis! Tall, thin and made of steel, Obturis can sneak even in the tiniest spaces, eliminating cavities and bringing the tooth to its initial form. He is probably the most fearsome enemy of cavities, which have named him in their legends “Obturis the Exterminator”.
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Why should you ask for Obturis’ help?

  • The fillings are made of a material (white or colored) which is perfectly shaped on the tooth’s surface, providing a natural and 100% functional result.
  • They are minimally invasive – in the case of simple dental cavities
  • The material will harden in 15-20 minutes
  • The result is aesthetically pleasing and kid-friendly
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Special treatments for tooth decay

Untreated temporary tooth decay can affect the normal development of permanent teeth. Children with cavities affecting their primary teeth face many risks that affect their overall development.
Special treatments for tooth decay

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