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Captain Haha

The Funny Gas inhalosedation specialist
He is the captain of the team. Without his superpower, the other superheroes wouldn’t be able to do their job of eliminating cavities. The others call him Captain Ha Ha because he keeps pain away from children with his cannon equipped with a magical spray, helping kids stay relaxed and smiling.
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Why should you ask for Captain Ha Ha’s help?

  • Inhalosedation is 100% safe and it is used successfully by the DENT ESTET 4 KIDS doctors
  • Nitrous oxide (Funny Gas) is non-allergic, has a rapid effect, and the dose given to children depends on how they react to its effect
  • The euphoric effect sets in 3-5 minutes after administration and it disappears a few minutes after the inhalation has stopped. In some people, the effect can last up to 15 minutes
  • Also, at the end of the treatment, 100% Oxygen will be administered, in order to quickly eliminate the effect of the nitrous oxide.
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Funny Gas inhalosedation

Funny Gas is a medical procedure that uses nitrous oxide to achieve a conscious sedation, which helps children stay calm, relax and let go of the anxiety. The child is thus able to better cooperate while dental treatments are performed. Nitrous oxide also helps reduce pain and discomfort.
Funny Gas inhalosedation

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