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What is Funny Gas Inhalosedation?

Nitrous oxide (Funny Gas) is a useful tool in the management of a child with mild moderate anxiety.

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It is easy to administer, safe, with analgesic and anxiolytic effects, and most importantly, it is reversible in a relatively short time.

  • It was first used in dentistry in 1840
  • Nitrous oxide is a non-irritating, colorless gas with a slightly sweet taste and odor
  • It is an anxiolytic / analgesic agent that acts on the central nervous system, giving a feeling of euphoria
  • It is absorbed only by the alveoli in the lungs
  • Inhalation inhibits the vomiting reflex and is not addictive
  • Inhalosedation poses no risk and is safely used by DENT ESTET 4 KIDS physicians. They are certified in the use of inhalosedation as methods of treatment.
How Funny Gas Inhalosedation Works in Pediatric Dentistry

The administration of N2O in pediatric dentistry has major advantages, such as: fast induction time and return to the initial state, dosage adjustment, so that children can remain in a state of peace and relaxation.

In addition to the relaxing effect, funny gas also releases a quantity of dopamine responsible for a state of happiness and euphoria.

Therefore, inhalation treatment helps the child to relax, to be calmer, to cooperate more easily and not to feel the pain as intensely (children perceive the pain more as a pressure or discomfort).

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How does inhalosedation works

Funny gas inhalation is performed by applying a mask, which is placed over the nose and with the help of which the hilarious gas is inhaled throughout the dental procedure.

The use of nitrous oxide reduces pain and induces a state of relaxation, but throughout the period of sedation the patient remains conscious, responding to all the requirements of the dentist. The child is also monitored with a pulse oximeter throughout the session.

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When is inhalosedation required

Funny Gas treatment is recommended for:

  • Anxious children
  • Those who have suffered trauma in the dental office and have developed the fear of a dentist
  • Children who have to perform complex dental treatments – the goal is not to subject the patient to additional stress

In these cases, inhalation helps them to accept the dental treatment more easily.

Is inhalosedation a safe procedure?
  • Inhalosedation is 100% safe and it is used successfully by DENT ESTET 4 KIDS doctors
  • It is recommended for children over 3 and a half years old
  • Nitrous oxide (Funny Gas) is non-allergic, has a rapid effect, and the dose given to children depends on how they react to its effect
  • The euphoric effect sets in 3-5 minutes after administration and it disappears a few minutes after the inhalation has stopped. In some people, the effect can last up to 15 minutes
  • Also, at the end of the treatment, 100% Oxygen will be administered, in order to quickly eliminate the effect of the nitrous oxide.