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When is it necessary for children to wear dental braces?

Recent studies show that more than 50% of children need dental braces.

Specialists draw attention that these dental problems most often lead to:

  • gastric affections caused by a mastication deficiency
  • there may be mispronunciation of certain words
  • dental decay because crowded teeth cannot be cleaned properly
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Most frequent anomalies that dental braces correct:
  1. Dental crowding

  2. Dental spacing

  3. Rotated teeth

  4. Teeth that are excessively inclined

  5. Malocclusion – incorrect biting

The main causes of dental malposition are:
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Improper foods for children – under used or over used teeth because of food that is too soft or too hard, eaten frequently
  • Bad oral habits as: oral breathing, thumb sucking, bruxism, the use of a pacifier
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The first appointment at the pediatric orthodontist

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the first appointment should be around the age of seven years old. Dento-maxillary anomalies which are discovered and treated early require less treatment time and are more stable long-term.

What are the phases in orthodontic treatment in children?
  • The first step in orthodontic treatment (with braces) is the orthodontic consultation in which dental impressions are taken and then a set of x-rays and photographs are done to form a complete file which will be analyzed for personalized treatment.
  • If necessary, teeth extractions or other kind of treatment is recommended
  • After that, the braces are applied and the patient returns for monthly check-ups or activation
  • After the active phase of treatment there will be a retention phase of treatment which consists in wearing special types of appliances which maintain the final result.
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Types of orthodontic appliances for children

Removable orthodontic appliance

recommend for children with mixed dentition. It is confected from a special type of resin and some metallic accessories. Its main purpose is to stimulate growth and development of the maxillary bones. It also generates space for crowded teeth and correct bad oral habits (i.e. thumb sucking) and can also guide eruption.



are a type of functional appliance which stimulate growth in the maxillary bones by stimulating muscle activation in the masticatory muscles.


Orthodontic braces

which consist of brackets (metallic plates which are fixed on each tooth) and archwires that unite the brackets between them.


Lingual Braces

(a special type of orthodontic braces in which brackets are placed on the inner side of each tooth): INCOGNITO®

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Excellence Ortho Center

Excellence in providing premium dental care and the desire to offer our patients the best and the most efficient solutions have determined us to establish in 2008 the Excellence Ortho Center- The first orthodontic department in the country which consists of doctors specialized in providing treatment for each age group..

Orthodontic treatment for children between 3-8 years of age

Myofunctional Research Co (MRC) was founded in the year 1989 with the purpose of finding an alternative treatment method for growing children who have bad oral habits.

MRC orthodontic appliances are created in such a way that they insure not only teeth straightening but also correct the causes which determine the dental problems.

How does the TRAINER System work?

TRAINER System is composed of a series of MRC appliances, which are created specifically to stimulate facial muscles activation and to guide permanent teeth eruption.

  • It insures proper tongue position on the roof of the mouth
  • It corrects mastication problems which in time can affect teeth alignment
  • It helps in establishing nose breathing, an essential aspect in facial growth and overall health.
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