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The DE4KIDS Promise

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When you’re little, few things are scarier than going to the dentist.

As soon as you step into the clinic with your mom or dad, dentists seem to transform into real-life villains, so powerful that not even your parents can defeat them.

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We want to rewrite this age-old story. Because at DE4KIDS, the dentists are the superheroes.

Everyday we successfully inhabit two different worlds: the world of adults, in which we lead the first pediatric dental clinic in Romania and Eastern Europe…

And the world of children, in which we put on our superheroes capes to fight dental crimes, so that kids can have big, beautiful smiles.

Yes, DE4KIDS is a true experience for children, meant to soothe the nerves of even the most anxious of them and make them feel as if they’re in a fairy tale in which good always wins.

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We are the ones who strengthen the bond between children and parents.

We are the partners of mothers and fathers who want the best treatments for their little ones.

And we are the children’s allies, those who ensure the dental health of tomorrow’s adults. We are the DE4KIDS superheroes: a legendary team who fights against cavities, pain, misaligned teeth and much more.

6 fearless superheroes fighting for smiles all over the country.

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For over 13 years we have been DE4KIDS: the children’s friends, the parents’ partners.