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“In 2008, when my son, Carol, was 2 years old, I realized that although I had developed several dental clinics dedicated to adults, it was almost impossible for me to fully cover my child’s dental treatment needs. As a dentist myself, I understood how important it was for my son to be consulted and treated from the early age of 1, as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends. But in Romania there was no clinic where you could find an environment dedicated to children: pediatric dentists, equipment and real solutions for treating anxious children. At that time, it didn’t exist any clinic to inspire safety both for children and their parents.

If you ask me what was the biggest challenge, the answer will always be to form a team. It was not easy to find doctors to aim for high standards in pediatric dentistry and to be motivated to dedicate their entire career to this specialty.”

Dr. Oana Taban,

DENT ESTET 4 KIDS became the first dental clinic in Romania and Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to children, part of the DENT ESTET group, the leading dental centers in Romania.

Pediatric dentistry, a different specialty

Dent Estet 4 Kids is not just a dental clinic for children, but a real experience. The special journey starts from the very first step into our premises: personalized decor and playground based on children’ needs and wishes, dedicated treatment techniques and certified pediatric dentists in Europe and the USA. Furthermore, we have solutions for treating anxious children. An independent ATI department, and also an in-house psychologist help both children and their parents to overcome anxieties of dental treatment.
We continuously invest in the technology and materials available in the clinic, thus offering premium solutions for any dental treatment and increasing the comfort of the little patients.

We create experiences that ensure the health of tomorrow’s adults

We believe that we are treating and educating the adults of tomorrow. The over 10 ! years of experience in treating children have taught us that the most important thing is to give the child all the conditions to get used to the dentist and develop a positive attitude towards preventive and regular visits to the doctor and prophylaxis assistant.
This ensures both the success of the treatment and the premises of a healthy lifestyle for the future adult.

We want you to learn from our experience

Prevention, timely treatment and the right attitude towards dental hygiene of our children are the only ways we can ensure their long-term health. That is why we want you to learn as much as possible from our experience.

1. Baby teeth should be treated

It is proven that no matter how harmless it may seem, temporary tooth decay can lead, in time, to the appearance of respiratory tract infections and to various diseases of the stomach, kidneys, joints and heart.
It is important for the temporary teeth to be treated so that the condition does not worsen and to be transmitted to the permanent teeth. And, unlike the teeth of adults, in the case of children, cavities affect the nerves and cause pain as soon as 2 months after their appearance.

2. Primary teeth must be sealed

Equally important is the sealing of temporary teeth as a preventing tooth decay method for children. Studies developed by the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) show that the risk of cavities in sealed teeth decreases by over 90%.

3. The first visit to the dentist takes place at 1 year

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that the first visit to the pediatric dentist must take place 6 months after the appearance of the first tooth, around the age of 1 year. But why so early? Because at this time, bottle cavities, so common to very young children, can be prevented very effective. Moreover, the doctor can see if there are problems with the development of teeth or jaws.

4. The first visit to DE4KIDS takes place in the morning

We know that it is not easy for a parent to come to the clinic during office hours. But if you had the guarantee that is the best thing you can do for your child, wouldn’t you make that effort? In the morning, the children are more cooperative, rested and can fully enjoy the DE4KIDS experience.

5. The anxious children can be accommodated

We will never choose to perform a forced treatment. We believe in proper accommodation and long-term treatments, to avoid creating trauma. That is why there are many forms of accommodation, forms of mild and conscious sedation, such as inhalation, or complex forms of sedation, used in exceptional cases, such as general anaesthesia.
Any sedation procedure is used in as few sessions as possible to allow the natural and gradual accommodation of the child with the doctor and the clinic.

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