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Thank you, you made the right choice with DENT ESTET 4 KIDS!

DE4KIDS is part of DENT ESTET group, number 1 in the Romanian dentistry market. As a result, the policies, good practices and philosophy of clinics provide the stable foundation on which our patients ‘ trust is built. We like to eliminate risks through quality.


Reasons that cause you to choose correctly for your child:

  • International Medical Training
  • Over 10 years experience of the team
  • Transparency of Medical Act and costs
  • Real solutions for treating anxious children
  • The pleasant, comfortable and relaxing experience we offer to each patient
  • High-performance technology, quality of materials and services
  • Certificate of quality assurance and guarantee of investment in the health of your child in the long term
  • Effective sterilization and infection control systems

At DE4KIDS we offer the best treatment solutions worldwide, tailored to each child’s needs, and we make every effort to inform parents about the importance of completing treatment plans and regular visits to the pediatric dentist. Thus, we ensure that every child has a healthy and beautiful smile and will develop into an adult with correct dental habits, who will no longer need complex and expensive treatments.

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