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Miss Ray X

The laser frenectomy expert
When the superhero team doesn’t know what to do next, Miss Ray X will light the way. With the help of her goggles which emit a special ray of laser on any surface, Miss Ray X can see what hides behind any tooth and can find any cavity. Also, when the intervention requires a high degree of thoroughness, Miss Ray X solves any problem efficiently, thanks to her laser beams.
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Why should you ask for Ms. Ray X’s help?

  • X-rays are meant to offer an in-depth analysis of teeth, with high precision.
  • Frenectomy is a minimally invasive procedure, with no bleeding, and doesn’t involve the use of a scalpel or suture wires.
  • It’s not a traumatizing procedure, because lasers are not perceived as scary by children.
  • Is a very fast procedure and it’s done in a single visit
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Laser frenectomy

What does frenectomy entail and when is it necessary? Do older children need a frenectomy? With the help of this intervention, in just 10-15 minutes, a child’s quality of life can be improved.
Laser frenectomy

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