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Regina Zirconiu

The dental crown specialist
Few things in this world can compare to Queen Zirconia’s kindness. In her kingdom, each and every little tooth which has been attacked in the past by a cavity becomes a prince or princess and receives a crown, which will protect it from future attacks. Now she travels all over the world with the DE4KIDS superheroes to save other teeth from cavities.
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Why should you ask for Queen Zirconia’s help?

  • Metal-free – so zero risk of allergies
  • They look identical to the natural tooth
  • Bio-compatible – they’re very well tolerated by the body
  • Decreased number of visits at the dentist and lower risk of secondary cavities, unlike traditional treatments
  • The outer part is very smooth, so the dental plaque does not accumulate
  • Maintains the tooth and assures the space is enough for the permanent teeth
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Dental crowns

Deep cavities, extended over one or more dental surfaces, need in most cases reconstructive dental treatment, using a dental crown.
Dental crowns

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