Special treatments for dental caries

Caries treatment – the solutions recommended by specialists

Dental caries are most often associated with permanent teeth. For this reason, many parents don’t pay enough attention when they appear on baby teeth, preferring to postpone the visit to the dentist. Not treating temporary teeth is totally wrong!

A concerning aspect is the incidence of dental caries on children:

  • 28% of children with age between 2 to 5 years old have dental caries;
  • 52% of children under 11 years old have already had caries (including permanent teeth);

the first visit to the dentist is necessary to be made around the age of 1 year old, to prevent any dental problem.

Schedule an appointment at the pediatric dentist before your baby experiences dental pain!

Untreated dental caries in the primary dentition can also affect the normal development of permanent teeth. If the baby tooth is affected, there is a very high chance that the root of the permanent tooth will also be affected, as the tooth is being already compromised before starting its growth process.

Evolution of caries on temporary teeth

Baby teeth have a very different structure from adult teeth, and this is more often seen when children have cavities.

On adult teeth, caries spread very slowly, unlike cavities on baby teeth – they can affect the nerve in 2-3 months since the appearance, causing pain, discomfort and local infection. In this case, the child needs a personalized treatment performed by the pediatric dentist.

A child accusing dental pain who has never seen the dentist is more likely anxious and fearful, and sometimes can’t be done in the dental office.

This is why we recommend parents to come to the dental office by 1 year old of the child. The periodic check-ups have 2 major advantages:

  1. The child is familiar to the pediatric dentist and understands the procedures need to be done in the office
  2. Dental cavities can be treated at an early stage, preventing pain and discomfort.

How can we treat cavities on baby teeth?

Esthetic filings, made of a composite resin, who look just like the baby tooth and are 100% functional. The fillings can also be colored, if the child prefers.

  • They are minimally invasive – do not require the removal of healthy tissue
  • The material hardens in 10-20 seconds
  • The result is aesthetic and kids friendly

Zirconium dental crowns

Zirconium dental crowns are not only recommended when the tooth is affected by a deep caries, but also when it is a much more effective solution than the classic filling.

In the case of baby teeth, for example, the risk of the filling falling is higher than in the case of permanent teeth. In these cases, dentists recommend Zirconium dental crowns. They are made in California and have been used successfully for over 12 years in pediatric dentistry and the treatment of caries in children.

Risks of not treating baby teeth

Failure to treat dental caries affects the whole body, so the following conditions can occur:

  • The child feeds with difficulty
  • Improper positioning of the teeth on the arch affects correct speech and self-esteem
  • Definite tooth buds are affected by untreated caries
  • Problems arise due to incorrect alignment of the permanent teeth
  • Due to the complications of untreated caries, the respiratory system can be affected.
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