Recare at 6 months

Recare at 6 months is a prevention programme addressed to all our patients. It’s purpose is to make the children familiar and accountable for their healthy habits.

Any child who develops healthy habits will become a conscientious adult when it comes to his health.

So, after completion of treatment, do not forget the regular visits and prophylaxis sessions:

1) Periodic medical examination – during which the pediatric dentist analyzes the state of dental health and ensures that no other dental conditions have occurred.
2) Regular prophylaxis session – is performed by the dental prophylaxis assistant. This may include simple brushing and topical fluoridation or may require additional ultrasonic scaling and the use of air-flow.

The importance of prophylaxis session (brushing, ultrasonic scaling, topical fluoridation, air-flow):

  • Early detection of any oral disease
  • Maintaining teeth health
  • Removing dental plaque (only professional cleaning can remove it)
  • Maintaining results of the previous treatments
  • Fresh breath
  • Maintaining oral & general health
  • Periodical professional cleanings can prevent oral diseases and the need for complex treatments
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