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DENT ESTET 4 KIDS has great tradition in creating and managing complex workshops and educational programs dedicated to children and their parents. And one of the most appreciated programs is, undoubtably, ”Visiting the Tooth Fairy”.


”Visiting the Tooth Fairy”

Dedicated to children from kindergartens and primary schools, Visiting the Tooth Fairy is a long tail free dental education program. Since 2008, over 800 professors and school representatives are enrolled together with thousands of children in these dynamic and interactive dental education workhops.


Through playfull teaching methods, children discover the magical Fairy world, accommodate to the dental chair and to the experience with the dentist and learn the basic grounds of taking care of their teeth.


We launched this unique program in Romania over 12 years ago as, from experience, we understood the importance an the impact of the first visit to the pediatric dentist.


The workshops are structured as for the children to receive the adequate information for their dental habbits:

• a beautiful story that makes them understand the importance of healthy teeth;
• a consultation and a dental status performed by the pediatric dentist;
• a series of personalized information for parents about the dental health of their children;


While their teachers receive a lot of appreciation, love and applause from the happy children who visit the Tooth Fairy, but also gratitude from the parents.



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