Dr. Anda Budulan

Paediatric Dentist

Dr. Anda Budulan knew that she would become a doctor since she was a child, one of the drivers for her choice being the family influence.

She has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years, and for 6 years only paediatric dentistry, which now became the one specialty of stomatology she enjoys the most.

“The satisfactions of working with children are very high, the smile and the joy in their eyes do not compare with anything.”

She likes to tell and create new stories for her patients. This talent of storytelling could be related her home region, as she concludes:

“I am from Oltenia and I talk a lot. If I wasn’t a dentist, I was definitely a teacher, I really like working with children.”

She says that her free time is limited, but she likes to spend it with her child, to play, to paint and to take walks in the open air.