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“In 2008, when my little boy Carol was only 2 years old, I realized that, although I had set up several dental clinics at international standards, dedicated to adults, it was almost impossible for me to prevent and treat my child’s dental conditions properly.

Being a dentist, I understood how important it was for my son to be consulted and treated from the age of 1, like the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends. But there was no place where you could find specialized dentists in dental treatments adapted to children and also the equipment and the whole environment dedicated and personalized by age. And, most importantly, I wanted to have real solutions for treating anxious children or those who had already suffered trauma in the dentist’s office.

For Romania and Eastern Europe, the opening of the first dental clinic dedicated exclusively to children was not only a premiere, but also a real challenge. In 2008 it was very difficult to find doctors motivated to dedicate their entire career to this specialty, and DENT ESTET 4 KIDS was the first clinic that created a team of pediatric dentists at international courses in America and Europe.

Once the team was formed, we managed to give the importance that this specialty deserves and to bring a very special approach to Romania. And we are proud to say that a large part of the doctors are with us from the beginning.”

Dr. Oana Taban,

Pediatric dentistry, a different specialty

DENT ESTET 4 KIDS is not just a dental clinic for children, but a real experience, which starts from the moment the parent and child step into the clinic.

Since we wanted to help both parents and children with solutions for treating anxiety in the dentist’s office, we created the first independent ATI department. This is equipped according to current standards, and we also brought to the clinic a psychologist to help children overcome fear of the dentist.

We create experiences that ensure the health of tomorrow’s adults

At DENT ESTET 4 KIDS we treat children and educate the adults of tomorrow. During over 11 ! years of experience, this profession has taught us that the most important thing is to give the child all the conditions to get used to the dentist, as well as develop a positive attitude towards preventive and regular visits to the doctor and to the prophylaxis assistant.
This ensures both the success of the treatment, and the premises of a healthy lifestyle for the future adult.

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